Sunday, 14 May 2017

Not Knowing Yourself


At the entrance on the Delphi Temple is written, "Man, know yourself and you will know the Universe".

We get a lot of problems and obstacles in our lives from the lack of self knowledge. If you had asked me 17 years ago, "What do you want to become?", I would have been convinced that I was meant to be a cop, live on a salary and chase criminals till retirement day.

I was so convinced that I even believed that, as a cop, I shouldn't have a family, because a cop can't offer enough time to his wife and children, so it was better for any cop to simply dedicate his life to his profession.

I didn't know that I was about to fight with papers, corrupt fellows and superiors, more than with criminals.

There were so many signs - I was very good at writing, passionate about psychology and I liked to teach, though I persisted in my carrier too many years.

So, do your best to know yourself better and properly answer this questions:

- Who am I?

- What do I really want?

- What should I do to feel fulfilled?

You may want a farm in a quiet village.
You may want to travel around the world, help the poor or save endangered species from extinction.
There is a path for everyone, but you should find your own.

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